Personal Yoga Classes and Programs, available on line with Ananda shakti. Ananda will personally design a program for you that will help you meet your life goals of health, peace of mind, joy and deeper meaning.!

$100 per class
$425 for a five session package

Sananda Yoga Teacher Training is also available

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Sananda yoga is a comphrehensive form of classical yoga, weaving the ancient and modern times focusing on yogic practice as a vehicle for the transformation of consciousness. Yoga inspires vibrant health and a joyful life filled with meaning and connection. Sananda yoga supports the student to embrace a deeper life purpose and move with life’s experiences, as a path of spiritual transformation.

A Sananda, yoga class is a unique experience – at times introspective, slow moving and gentle, at other times vigorous and exhilarating. The flow of each class is guided by principals that bring, body, mind, emotions, and spirit into harmony.

Kriya Prayer Flows are a specialized form of yoga being offered by Sananda, that encourage introspection and bring together movement, mantra, mudra, bandha, pranayama, meditation, relaxation and philosophy into one complete session for body, mind and spirit opening the practitioner to moods or states that are the foundational pillars of spiritual awakening. Devotion, Faith and Inspiration. The flows are named ,The Yoga of Gratitute (Bhakti Shakti), The Yoga of Trust/Faith ( Shradha Shakti ),The Yoga of Inspiration (Divya Shakti) .

The shakti (energy) of each kriya sequence flows through the practitioner like a celestial song reorganizing and purifying ones pranic flow towards the state of consciousness that is intended.

Sananda is the name that I chose to represent the mood of yoga I offer. Sananda is one of the names for the Goddess of bliss and fullness.. The word Sananda literally means “with bliss” a state of spiritual absorption into Bliss. It is also Vedic word for the big bang theory “The Sananda Oversoul” the Great Cosmic Oneness from where the multiplicity of the world of form has birthed. The word Sananda is also an esoteric name for Christ Consciousness meaning the highest point of spiritual experience. Sananda yoga embraces East and West, the One and the Many and is the embodiment of Bliss.

What is Kriya Yoga ?
Kriya Yoga; as a combined word means to act with love and work in a loving way until all our karma is dissolved and we are reunited with God. The purpose of Kriya Yoga is to free souls entangled on earth by the power of divine love and to reunite souls with God. We human beings are spiritual souls trapped in our karma related body on our planet earth.

Yoga connects you to the world by deepening your self knowing, leading you towards inner peace and ultimately into a state of spiritual union. Union is the meaning of the word yoga. This special type of union that blossoms from yoga will guide you towards oneness with creation, through union with self, union with other, union with nature and union with the mystery of life. The union of yoga creates a state of bliss called ananda.


Postures called asanas, are the physical exercises of yoga. By moving the body in specific positions combined with deep breathing, you are able to realign the energy flow in your body and mind. The new flow of energy can heal health conditions and transform stressful belief systems and perceptions, increasing your life force energy in all ways.

Breathing Exercises
Pranayama is the name for breathing exercise in yoga. By experiencing your breath as the winds of life, you are able to enhance life force and vibrancy. The breathing exercises increase the depth of each breath and apply various types of patterns on the breath.

Meditation, called dyanana, is the culmination of all yogic practices. In meditation you move the mind towards a state of one-pointedness. When the mind is still it becomes peaceful and inspired by inner vision and inner wisdom.

Chakras are sacred energy wheels that govern stages of the evolution of consciousness. Each chakra contains an aspect of life … survival, relationship, personal will, love, creativity, intuition, union …. By holding awareness on the appropriate chakra during the yogic practice the transformation available from practice is greatly increased.

Sacred Sound
Sacred sound, called mantra in yoga, is a science that has been passed down by the masters of yoga. Through repetition of sacred sounds you become like the opera singer who uses a sound of a higher frequency to shatter the density of the glass. By repetition of ancient higher vibration sounds you break through old karmic patterns stored in cellular memory. As the old patterns release, more life force energy circulates through your bringing deeper joy and health.

In yoga, gestures, named mudras and bandhas, are primarily hand movements and muscular contractions. They are expressions of beauty and grace and redirect the flow of inner energy to balance the nervous system, for a life of harmony and health.