Start Date April, 18  2020

Space is limited to 8 people per training session.

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Our Karmic Readings Teacher Training will teach  how to become a conduit of higher wisdom opening your intuitive abilities to channel information and energy from higher realm guidance and the Living Liibrary of each Souls history, the Askashic Records, to assist humanity in overcoming deeply rooted fear based patterns through love and choice, and embrace their Soul’s path.

Life is the art of choice, the art of recognizing and growing beyond the karmic patterns we have incarnated with. Choose Love Core Patterns reading are one of the quickest and most loving ways to discover what your karmic obstacles are, and receive assistance in stepping beyond the repeating patterns.

As an Choose Love Practitioner you will help bring Awareness and healing to many Souls hungry for liberation and assist in the healing of the consciousness of the planet, as well as deepen your own awareness and self transformation every time you receive a reading for another

To become an Choose Love practitioner is a Souls Path calling. As a practitioner you will act as a conduit between the limited personality and unlimited Soul Self to receive guidance from higher realms that will serve to liberate people on their path. Being a practitioner it is a unique opportunity that offers integration between your spiritual path and your day to day work and life.

Our planet is suffering because of lack of awareness. Individuals are not aware of their Divinity or the karmic “stories” that are obstructing them. This lack of awareness is the cause of illness, conflict and wars on personal and global levels, pollution, poverty, power struggles, greed, anger, depression, fear, grief, envy, lack of compassion, exhaustion, false pride, difficulty with expression, a lack of ability to access ones potential…… to name a few !

These life afflictions that we are conditioned to accept, are really not a necessary part of life. They are a result of a lack of perception of our Divine Nature and limited awareness of our own experience of life. With a shift in perception they become the impetus for self evolution and what was formally a burden becomes a spring board to living life as a journey of Choosing Love. During the course you will learn how to assist others in their personal process of Cellular Healing and Evolution of Consciousness, and explore how to serve Humanity with your newly awakened energy of intuition and mediumship.



Attunements and Transmissions

To awaken the psychic or intuitive pathways of communication that are necessary to receive “Core Pattern Reading” transmissions for others.


Through personal karmic clearings that are necessary for your organism to hold higher vibrational energies needed to receive the Core Pattern reading for others.


Into a deeper understanding and recognition of the Archetypes of the collective consciousness of Humanity and how to utilize this refined level of perception as a vehicle for the transformation of Consciousness and life as a journey of choosing love.


The Theory of Karma

How it manifests as your life and offers you the opportunity for deep transformation.

Earth Changes

How our thoughts, feelings and release of karmic patterns are an essential part of the supporting a positive direction our world.

Why We Take a Human Birth

What is the force that compels us, and what is the art of choosing love.

Higher Realm Guidance

What does this mean? What is it purpose ? How do you open to this ? Including the study and meditation of Divine Guides Metatron and Shekinah.

The Archetypes of Humanity

Recognizing your life as an expression of the archetypes is the path of spiritual liberation while living in the world. By witnessing your experiences, choices, thoughts and feelings as expressions of the collective archetypal patterns of humanity, you are no longer limited by their imprint; in fact they become doorways to discovering untapped potential, compassion, and love.

The Spirit of our times asks from us the resolving of fear and wounding so we may be open to higher love and the healing of the individual and the planet. There is so much more beauty and depth available to us in life than we generally embrace. By experiencing life as the expression of archetypes you will see yourself in others, the joyless expression of taking things personally and reacting with judgment, anger and fear will release into Understanding, Compassion and Healing. You will be introduced to 7 primary archetypal levels of karmic personalities . This is a deeply experiential journey through the archetypes of humanity, with vibrational clearings at each of the 7 levels.

What is a Core Pattern

An in depth study of how to guide others towards understanding the nature of the pattern and releasing the pattern.

Awakening Your Intuitive Ability

Receive an attunement to assist you to open to your spirit guides and the guides of this work.

Light Weaving Attunement

A transformative technique for receiving guidance and healing energies for your self and others.

Meditation Techniques

To awaken the subtle realms of perception and connect you to higher guidance.


Of your Soul’s Path and Core Pattern readings.

Transpersonal Healing

Learn about the limitations of personality and the step that takes you beyond it. In this session you will receive a reading in our group setting on a subject of your choice that you would like to transform and be guided through the process of clearing. Each participant will open a door way of healing for our whole group as we witness the question, the guidance and the understandings that bring the transformation. Through this experience we see ourselves in the other and the fear based pattern of separation is loosened. This is a peek into what it feels like to receive a reading for others and the healing process that you as the practitioner also go through in witnessing of the pattern and the transformational guidance.

How to Recognize a Fear Based Pattern

Learn the process of recognizing and releasing yourself from fear. This may seem like a strange statement but you will be surprised to learn how many of your actions are driven by deeply rooted hidden fears.

Receiving Core Pattern Readings for Others

You will receive the attunement to open the channels necessary to receive the Core Pattern readings for others and a practicum session in receiving.

Power of Love Meditation

A unique meditation on the Cosmic Light. Aligning ourselves with it while continuing a healthy and functional relationship with world of form.


Receive your first reading while being overseen by Ananda Shakti’s loving guidance.

Case Studies and Regrouping for Q and A

You will have a period of time to complete 5 case studies and then regroup to review experiences with clients and any personal questions.


Pre-requisite for the training: Core Pattern Reading
Application for training: Souls Path Readings

Course is offered live on line using Zoom.
There are 36 in class hours and homework practices of approx 20 mins per day

Cost is $3000 plus hst

2019 Course Dates :

7:30am- 12 noon EST Saturday and Sunday 
April 18,19
May 16,17 
June 12,13
July 19
Aug 16
Cost : $3200 plus HST
$500 non refundable deposit due once you have been accepted in the program. The remainder due by April 1,  2020  Payment plans are available with a 3% surcharge and can be arranged personally with Ananda.


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