Question “How do i unfold my Cosmic Alignment?”

There is awakening of light dearest one
that only a rare heart can touch
and we will tell you how
to hold this light
as your very own existence
for it is indeed exactly that
your very own Self
and so we start right here
at such a seeming simple point
that what you are seeking
it already truly who you are
and the steady and straight forward
meditation on this
is the way to love
the enchanted path
the romance of the awakened
and the most sacred and precious
ornament you will ever call your own

Yet living with in this simplicity
this one pointed meditation
there are what we call
the stones on the path

We see our beloveds
trip and fall
get one stuck in their shoe
stop and start playing with them
building a make believe castle or a jail
for them to reside in
until the rains come
and waters that rush down their faces
as tears from Heaven
give them the message
it is time to move on
to find another way

For you dear
the stones we
bring to your vision
are broken trust
and weakened self acknowledgement
these two moods
of broken love
are pinnacle pebbles
in your path
and they can be reabsorbed
into love
with skillful means
and patient persistence

Please know that the mediation
we described when we began
this dialogue with you
is of primary importance
it is the rebuilding of the foundation
the clearing of these moods are like sweeping the floor

For trust to be rebuilt dear lovely one
you must surrender to what has been
for no resistance or wishful dreaming
will every make it different
and the wisdom, the extraordinary wisdom
you may glean from these stunning stories
of loves confusions
can only come once the acceptance
of what has been arrives
this is not a power struggle
it is a science
it goes something like this
one cannot get the nutrition

from a meal
if they do not eat the food
the same with experience
if there is resistance
the wisdom can not be discovered
the wisdom can not arrive in a NO it must have a YES to appear

Weakened Self acknowledgement dearest one
is perhaps the more difficult stone
to remove from the foot
because there are so many compensations
that are built
to survive the lack
and so a peeling is necessary
and a radical self honesty
about what is being sought after
moment by moment
in exchange with others
that lives beneath
sometimes on the obvious levels
sometimes on the wishing level

There is no weakness
in offering something to another that they can appreciate
yet weakness is created
when one’s value
is interdependent with this outer seeking
for in this action your life force
it projects outward
into a realm that has as many possibilities
of response as there are people
and folded by others perceptions

We hold you closer than ever for this part of the exploration
to have the courage to peel back
what has seemed necessary for protection
to truly see where this holding back of love
from your self to your self lives
and for the absolutely brilliant voice
that says i acknowledge my self
and now, i share this with others
the daring voice
will rise
and rise
many times many times
she will need your breath to speak her new truth
and it will be a glorious sweeping of the stones on your path
to the knowing you are already that which you seek
and there you will find us
we will sit and have tea
in the realms of Love and the realms of the Mystic in the realms of the Cosmic Dancer
in the realms of that which is True
All love and blessings to you.