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​One Year of Love

(partial year sessions also available)

The Goddess Project births from the mood of the Divine Feminine – An apprenticeship in Love, Transformation and Awakening supporting personal and planetary healing.

Take a step towards Bliss. The Goddess Project is a program of Divine Feminine Coaching it will reveal your hidden strengths and weaknesses. The program offers a natural and graceful process of cleaning away gathered impressions that no longer serve your journey to freedom.

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Bliss is a state that is beyond Joy and Sorrow, an alignment with your Divine nature, complete, and absorbed in Love and Peace.

Taking a step towards Bliss  offers a natural and graceful therapy, cleanings aways all the gathered impressions that no longer serve your journey to freedom.

We are naturally  blind to these obstructions, and how they cause us suffering. This is the way of karma.

The Goddess Project will reveal your hidden strengths and weaknesses, and by using Higher Frequency energies, take each one by the root, the strength ‘s root cultivated and weakness rooted out. Providing you with a vital new life force energy.and outlook.

Your Guide, Ananda Shakti / Xenia

Ananda Shakti has been publicly offering readings and healing sessions to assist clients to release them selves from karmic patterns of fear and suffering since 2003. She has received thousands of transmissions for clients, that have liberated, healed and changed the course of their destiny.

What to Expect

Learn the tools of transformation that will be yours for the rest of your life, assisting you to navigate life experiences and questions as they arise. Deep healing and transformation of past wounding, New Vital Life Force Energy, inspiration to know and Live your Souls Purpose, Joy and Gratitude for all life experiences, A life of More Bliss and less Fear. In the Goddess Project, Ananda Shakti will be offering you Intuitive Healing Energies as well as guidance from her extensive knowledge of yoga to create a rounded healing program that addresses your physical, emotional, mental and life style patterns.

Ayurvedic Life Style Council will be offered by Ayurvedic Rituals Toronto. www.ayurvedictouch.com

What’s Expected of You

A desire for evolution. You will have home work and the subject is You ! There are daily exercises designed to keep body, mind and emotions healthy and insight exercises to help you go deeper into your process of transformation.


The program runs in 2 month cycles.( 8 weeks) Every two months you will receive:



Karmic Reading ( week one)
Personal Yoga Program Designed ( week two ) *
Integration Session (week three)
Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultation ( week four) *
Healing Session ( week five)
Integration Session (week six)
R & R ( week seven and eight )
15 min Phone Consultation check in ( every two weeks, if desired)

  • personal yoga program is revised three times during the year program
    once in the half year program
  • this Life Style consultation is given once a year during the first session

Karmic Readings

Will reveal the imprint or pattern created by a life experience ( this life and past ) that is causing a disruption in your life force energy,( body, mind, emotions )and your life path.

Personal Yoga Program

Once the karmic imprint is revealed a personal yoga program can be designed that will help release the tensions of body,mind,and emotions accumulated by the imprint / patterning.

Integration Sessions

Will help you recognize the behaviours and life circumstances that are a result of the belief systems created by the imprint/pattern and guide you with healing and spiritual counselling on life issues that are rising.

Ayurvedic Life Style Consultation

Ayurveda is the sister medical system to yoga. It has it roots in the balancing of the elements as they appear in every persons constitution. You will find out your constitution and how to manage your daily schedule and self care, to create a healthily and joyful experience of life.

Healing Session

During this session we will go deeper in the process of transformation of the pattern, bringing in additional higher frequency healing energies to support your choice to become new.

Phone Consultations

A time to get feedback, support or guidance on your process.


The Goddess Project can be started at any time.


One Year Program


Six Month Program


Two Month Program



The Goddess Project can be started at any time.


One Year Program


Six Month Program


Two Month Program