How to Transform Self Doubt into Love and Purpose

This LOVE WORDS readings was received for a family trying to make sense a life event of people, without incident turning away from the friendship and how to understand their families purpose together.

The questions may seem specific yet you will find the answers touch your heart in places of doubt and transformation.

Wouldn’t it be lovely world if all relationships and families were to look at the greater picture together?

Voices of Doubt

Beloved Ones
We see you trying so hard
To find the way to love
Through the many task and journeys
You have set out in front of your tender hearts
And we trust in your choices
To follow the hard path
Because that is what you have known
To be the answer
To the doubts that live inside
And who’s voices haunt
The stairways
Of mind and heart
As they climb
The ladders of light
Mapped out for you
By the Sacred Ones
That guide
With hands unseen
And with hearts that feel like rays of light
Not like anything that is familiar
Therefore making their presence at times

Your mission is as it has always been
To be able to digest LOVE

And the ones who comes and go are the
Of the fears
The respect is fleeting
And with it goes
Credibility and with that goes LOVE

This is cycle where this fear lives
In each of you
Rooting from different stories
And yet it lives

This is the place to look
When the sword severs the ties
To see where your feet have not yet found the ground
Of trust
That will in time
Quiet all voices

Then you will see yourself
And others
Simply Being
Pain, light , love, connection, disconnection
It will not be personal
Even your own stories

We have so much love for you
And your journeys
And we desire to lighten the load
To show you how to make the path lighter

Less full of struggle
And the rumbles of doubt
And more activated
From the purity
Of self exploration
And simple honest
Foot steps into and through life

This world is beautiful
Even in Her pain
And yes you have suffered
And that suffering has pushed you
To try to find a place of comfort
Where you cannot be touched by the ignorance

Each gesture of kindness
That reaches out from you
Has within it a hope that
Will not be offered in return
And this is what you
Are doing to
Contribute to the picture

Give yourself
Some quiet time
To see the depth
In which this concern abides
And your wisdom
Will begin to
Undo this pattern

You are stronger now
So much stronger than you
Have been in the past
When you have tried
To put this story to rest

And smile when you see it this time
For the smile
Will change the whole way this
Theme sits within you

Your task together is as we have said