Love is what you are ❤ all life stories are like costumes, they can all be removed!

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Karmic Readings are a unique look into the askashic records of your souls history. The root cause of the karmic disturbances  in your life are revealed, which provides cellular healing, releasing you from the past and assisting you to live a life of Joy aligned with your true Souls purpose


Everybody has a story, in fact every personality is a compilation of stories ! We take incarnation to discover and overcome the binding effects our karmic stories have on the evolution of our soul path, to glean wisdom from the story and leave the fear behind, and learn how to Choose Love, harmony, inner fulfillment, and oneness with our Sublime Nature.

And if the truth be known all stories are love stories, love found, love lost, love being sought , love being resisted, each story trying to find its way home to the greater love that is our true nature. Some stories are resolved and send us forward in an integrated and positive way and other include circumstances unresolved, which prevent us from thriving and create life experiences that flow in repetitive cycles of experiences echoing the initial wound.

The “stories” that comprise your personality are a collection of your Soul history, personal and ancestral biographies, (comprised of the impressions and experiences encountered in current and past lives,) genealogy, social and historical experiences of love and fear, cultural habits, moods of countries, languages, histories of humanity, and beyond including all of the archetypes of the collective consciousness of humanity.

When encounters with life are left unresolved they create an imprint of fear that becomes a filter we perceive live through. This fear may present it self in any of the limiting emotions, anger, rage, attachment, sorrow, greed, lack of contentment, hatred, jealousy, fear, anxiety, depression, phobias, self worth issues, suspicion , etc.

This filtering of life can prevent you from moving forward in areas that you really wish to thrive in, even when your desire to do so is great. We see this all the time in our own lives and in others, for instance, the actor who can’t get work, the artist who can’t produce or find a good venue for the work produced, the athlete who gets injured and misses a great opportunity. These life experiences are being created by old impressions that are unresolved and are fearful of “getting back up on the horse again “ so they create an underneath belief system, that magnetize the story of obstruction into your life, like a patterns that reinforce the wound.

These patterns are at the root cause of all of our difficulties in life, illness, fears, deprivation, relationship and sexual struggles, unfavourable life circumstances, in essence not being able to live our souls path and thrive in a life of love, beauty and joy.



Our Karmic Readings Practitoners Training will teach  how to become a conduit of higher wisdom opening your intuitive abilities to channel information and energy from higher realm guidance and the Living Liibrary of each Souls history, the Askashic Records, to assist humanity in overcoming deeply rooted fear based patterns through love and choice, and embrace their Soul’s path.  Please check under the Trainings link at the top of the page for the full details. 

 the special 


You Are A Love Story

 You are a Love Story, you are a weaving of stories of love found  and love lost, creating your personality and your perceived strengths and limitations. Deep in the centre of the matrix of your Soul’s history of events is Your Core Soul Story. 


The Core  Soul Story Reading is a two session experience
that will change your life. 

The Core Soul Story Process will give you the tools and support to live your  life as the Real  Radiant Evolving You !

Be Free 

Your Core Story is a powerful Karmic story  that has created a belief system of limitation for you that is compelling and attractive. It compels  you to think, feel, and behave in ways that reinforce the stories  fears and pains, and it attracts people and situation towards you that  reinforce, and reflect back, its limited beliefs. 

All of this  keeps you away from living  your life’s potential.

Rewrite your life story by discovering your Core Story and letting go of its limited belief systems. It is a gift to yourself and to humanity that is rare, loving  and  beyond valuable. It will set you free to live a life of love, meaning and fulfilment, which will create a natural effulgence in the world that inspires and transforms. 

The Core Story Process is exactly what our churning times are calling for. A process that will support you  to live without fear or heartbreak and in a naturally evolving  harmony with all of Creation.

We offer a sliding scale for the benefit of those under deep financial set back because of Covid.
Core Story Reading  $444-$333( the reading take place over 2 sessions )

Core Story  Process $1000 -$900 ( includes the Core Story Reading, 5 integration sessions, Light Weaving Attunement)   

Integration Sessions  are one on one sessions with Ananda Xenia Shakti in which she will support you with insight and energetic transmissions and attunements to assist you in your transformation process. 

Light Weaving is an a self healing tool that will connect you to your guides and the healing energy of grace as you step forward into your healing and your new activated life of fulfilment. 

Please email directly to set up your session as we do not have booking buttons for the sliding scale.  Love! 







All Readings are offered on line, pre recorded, written, by phone and some situations in person. You will be in a subtle state of awareness and healing after your session.So please allow for some restful time afterwards.



We offer a sliding scale for the benefit of those under deep financial set back because of Covid.
Core Story Reading  $444-$333 ( the reading take place over 2 sessions )

The Core Story Reading is the foundation of this work. One of my clients recently called this reading CPR for the Soul and I couldn’t agree more with her. It brings you back to life ! Releasing the karmic boundaries of your life and liberating your life force energy. The Core Story Reading will give you insight into your deepest karmic story and the past life impression creating the pattern. This impression is being held on a cellular level and is the source of fear, doubt, pain, anger, grief, illness etc. in your life. The mystery of the core story is that left unconscious it your biggest obstacle, It affects every life choice ! But brought to consciousness it provides your biggest potential for transformation and for discovering your Soul’s purpose and path. The Core Story Reading inspires deep personal transformation and understanding of the karma that creates your personality and life circumstances. During the session the story or pattern, which is stored in the non-genetic part of the DNA is rewritten, this creates Cellular Healing to take place, which is the inspiration for true transformation. From that moment on your life will never be the same, you will never need to be bound by the past, you will now have choice to live in Love rather than fear, doubt, pain etc. and you will be assisted in making this choice by Universal energies. Clearing the Core Story is like pulling the weeds out by the roots. Its stops the seeming endless cycle of new versions of the old story and creates profound life changes, by liberating your life force energy and Love.

The Core Story Reading includes the Core Story Reading and one integration session which is offered approximately two weeks after the Core Story Reading.



Are 40 minute counselling sessions that are highly recommended as part of the Core Pattern Reading process. During these sessions you will have a chance to ask all the questions you have pertaining to the Core Pattern and you will be further assisted in the recognizing your Core Pattern in your day to day life and be supported in the clearing process. To assist with the depth of transformation in the Core Pattern Clearing Process it is recommended to have 4 Integration Sessions.


In the path of Mastery on this planet you must reclaim all the gifts and potencies that you have acquired over your many incarnations. This session will assist you in doing so ! You have developed so many wondrous gifts, over many live times. Through trauma and fear your gifts have been scattered, and your Soul purpose and presence lost. A “Reclaim Your Pieces” session will return your scattered gifts, three in each session. This process is deep, empowering, and supportive. By accepting your gifts you will spontaneously heal emptiness created by their loss.



Oracle Readings and Spiritual Counselling sessions give insight into live situations and provide answers to your specific questions that will give you the insight to understand the spiritual purpose of the circumstance and how to make the best choices and discover the deepest healing available through the circumstance.



 Your body and cells hold memories in the form of impression or stories and also as objects related to those stories. When the objects are removed or extracted then the story is also released in the name of love and your life force energy and new life perspectives awakened and renewed. An example of a Karmic object is, a shield from a warrior that now keeps him or her shielding from life and love or memento from a lost beloved that keeps one in a waiting pattern and unable to fully open to love.

A Karmic Extraction is a deep healing session. Each session includes 3 extractions and the session is recorded. In each session 3 karmic objects and stories will be removed with your permission each time.


 Three session booking for Karmic Extractions or Reclaim Your Pieces. Recommended!

If you wish to book three sessions which will complete a cycle of healing there is a discount. Book all three sessions together there is a savings of $50, making the package of three $600.


A unique and deeply moving type of reading that comes in the form of written poetry. These readings cover all the same topics as the Oracle Readings and Spiritual Counselling sessions.


This reading can have 1 or 2 people present.

In these readings we look at the joint karma between the individuals involved, what are the old wounds that you have come together in this life time to heal? and what are the strengths and lessons in love you have come together to share? What is the potential? How do you create harmony? This can be any type of relationship, lover, friend, parent/child…


A deeply relaxing treatment that unwinds the physical, mental and emotional tensions then uses shamanic and angelic techniques to extract the karmic pieces stored in the cellular level. This healing can be perform at a distance or in person.


These reading provide insight, guidance, and healing suggestions for parents, when their children are going through difficult times.

Please Note : Choose Love Karmic Readings are not a substitute for medical treatment or therapies of any kind.


I have had treatments from many healers and modalities in my life. Some – a few – have been great. No one has come close to Xenia. She is vibrating at a higher dimension and brings authenticity, truth, clarity, integrity, equanimity and humility together in such a balance as to offer a most pure kind of healing. It truly is life changing. The sessions I’ve had with Xenia have provided me with what I’ve been looking for my whole life (I’m 50). They have illuminated the way gently and smoothly, with great support and love, so that I can assimilate the changes in a profoundly flowing, dignified and beautiful way. She is what we are looking for at this time of change to provide the information we need to move forward, and to hold us steady, as we open to the light.

Sally Smith

Without a doubt, getting my ‘Core Pattern’ reading done with Anandashakti changed my life. Pure and simple. The results from working from an Art of Life perspective has been the most healing achievement of my life so far. Not only do I recommend it, but I believe that it is a pre-requisite for anyone who is taking this life seriously. It’s an amazing opportunity to evolve, love, and live fully.

Shivani Howe

Puraluna Yoga

I consider the numerous readings that I have received from Anandashakti as nothing less than life changing. The nuanced and profound guidance of these transmissions continue to unfold as the years pass and my own awareness grows in pace. Her work initiates profound shifts in consciousness and deep physical release like nothing else I have experienced, bringing understanding and healing to every major challenge of my life. I am so grateful for her presence as a guide and friend on this path.

Adi Kanda

Poet, Musician and Intuitive Healer

Magic! and the perfect path to getting more in touch with your spirit. Xenia’s healing touch and intuitive insights have brought so much to my life, spirit, and entire being. Her treatments have brought me a greater connection to ‘self’ and the divine, and each treatment continues to bring deep healing to my physical, mental, and emotional being. If you are open to deepening your spiritual awareness and have yet to experience a session with Xenia, then wait no longer. You will get all and more than you ever hoped from each session.

Catherine McFaddon

The Holistic Way