The clouds of smoke are lifting
the dance of love is beginning
the twist and the turns of consciousness
will be surprising
and the Light will shine
Dear Ones

Your path right now is to be one of the many
to experience yourself as part of the multitudes of consciousness
like the multifaceted diamond
and to hold this understand of your interconnection
in front of you
as you create each thought form and perception

You will understand why
when you do this
for there are many whys
for each of you
independently and individually
as you take your step forward
as part of the many
you will discover
that are intimately important for you
in your awakening
that also
will unblock certain doorways
that you are guided
to walk through
at this time
the more and more
you can feel yourself
as part of the multitude
the more and more
you make your choices
after you consider your oneness
the more and more
you do this
more and more
doorways to your knew stage of life
will begin opening for you

For as you experience yourself as the many
the compassion of the heart
simultaneously connects to the ONE
and in this there is magic
that is infinite in its nature
and very individual

This is time of
the process of individuation
by the recognition
of your interconnectedness
of your oneness
of even dare we say
your sameness
it is a deep paradox
that through sameness
you will experience the individual
and through the individual
you will experience the oneness

Do not fear the shadow
see that She is
an absolutely natural part
of the walk
towards the light
Her rage is great
Her fear very loud
Her energy is strong
and yet compassion and love
is Her healing
so She need not be feared
She is the tool
for you must learn
where the light is
it is now in a new place for you
to discover where the light is
the lights have to be turned off
this is symbolically
what is happening
it is not that you are disconnected
or that any of the great wisdoms
you have gleaned
are false or have left you
it is that you are going deeper
digging a mine
to find the jewel

There will be a moment
when light and dark
have no consequent
and that moment is when
Love is Born