It has never been greater honour for than it is now
to stand
as bearers of light
as soldiers of love
your hearts are pure enough to do this work
and your love is strong enough to bring the light
and that your minds are clear enough
to take the next steps forward
this is your birthing, as it is humanities
and it need not be an overwhelming task for you to take
but just a firm and clear step
in the direction
of radical love
the kind that shatters
the stories
that everyone has been investing
money, life, lives and lives into

And so you see dear ones
even just to step your baby toe
forward in this direction is a very big step
and we know because we can see
that you are strong
strong enough to take a full step

As you step forward
then we are allowed to help you
so please trust this science
for it the science of Grace
and it is the science of Love