Imagine that you are standing at doorway
A beautiful doorway
One that is beckoning you to step through
and you choose to step
and yet on the other side
everything feels
beautiful yes
but deeply unfamiliar
so you are uncertain
uncertain about whether
you want to stay

This is very much
where the hearts of humanity
are at this time
they are sensing
there is a new awakening
even in the ones
who are tormented
and angry
while they walk
through the experience
of the deepened sense of victimhood
and the feeling of a persecutor
a force from outside
being the cause of their disturbance
and of the stories of what might or could or is happening
even those ones
who are occupied and tormented
by these conflicts
even those ones
are sensing there is somethings new
there is a new doorway
and they feel it
and they can taste
and they can almost feel
their foot stepping through to
the great unfamiliarity
the new awakening

For the ones who have more comfort
exploring new realms
you can take the lead
and acknowledge within yourself
where the fears lie
in the lack of familiarity
where the habits are rising at this time
from past familiar ways
almost like a drowning person
we grab on to these for perceived safety
for the fear of being consumed by this unfamiliar place

We here ourselves say …..
What is really here?
it looks beautiful
and yet the me that I know myself to be
does not exist here in the same way there
I thought I would like this
but I am not so sure
I am not so sure its safe
I am not so sure its healthy
I am not so sure it is right

And for these souls
that are walking through more consciously
they have a different dilemma
than those just beginning to sense the potential for change
the experienced souls are experiencing
the fear of stepping all the way forward
AND the fear of going back
so it’s little bit like
standing in the centre
of the doorway
but patient with yourself dear ones
for these are moments in time
that are designed to support
the transformation
you are in

Trust life
trust your experience
know that it is showing you everything you need
to find your way home
witness what feels repetitive
from the past, rising as the fear
of stepping fully into the perceived unknown

And just like one who has travelled
to a foreign country
take a moment
make a decision
to allow yourself to adjust
yes there is almost a sense of loss
involved in this adjustment
but what you are loosing
is one of the layers
of false reality
one of the layers
of the layers of separation
one of the layer of disempowerment

Let yourself
feel like you are a foreigner in a strange country
for the moments that you need to
but know inside what you have really stepped into is love
keep on welcoming it
into your cells
and it will show its true face

Make your journey a very internal experience
as soon as you notice yourself
projecting things outward
to places or people
as the root of your discomfort
drawn it back in
this will make it so much easier for you
to keep on reaffirming
that where you are stepping into
is love
in this way you will see clearly
within your own alchemy
the places that are resistant to love
and the places that are
and opening to it

This doorway
this incredible doorway
the doorway to the Divine
will continue to beckon you
be patient with your pain
be patient with your resistance
yet continue to step through
like a person learning a new language
you don’t learn it all at one time
you are not instantly fluid
yet if you don’t continue
you will never be

AND take solace in knowing
that you are not alone
in the journey into what feels
and know that it is an illusion
the sense of a lack of familiarity
of connection
for when you fully arrive
come into what you know to be
love and home

We bring you all love and all blessing dear ones
to this fragrant journey to love