Like a great butterfly 

that waits to spread it wings

once its time of incubation is complete

so do you  sit in the waiting right now

Dear ones of the earth

for much is brewing 

much is birthing

much is transforming

and most importantly

much is becoming the love that it truly is !


What is love Dear Ones ?

imagine a loving moment

with a beloved

with a child

with a parent

with a friend

in those moments 

where does love speak ?

and what does it speak of ?


Love lives in the moments of Oneness

and it petals are infinite !

in that moment 

there is no beginning 

and no ending

there is no heartbreak

no lost future

no forgotten tender word, moment or embrace

in the arms of love

the future is always bright

and love lives in Oneness


The virus that has seized

the attention and fears of so many 

is but a messenger of love

in one of the only ways 

that is effective 

to speak through 

the denseness 

that  has grown thick

from the centuries 

of heart break 

in the human story 


For you see Dear Ones

it brings you together 

in so many ways

the first kiss of its love shows 

you are all susceptible 

to be held by this virus

colour, culture and creed

do not have a say in this moment forward

which is a necessary truth for the evolution of humanity 

and in this very action 

it begins it message of love

of breaking down 

the barriers of heart break

that have tormented your heart and home

since time awakened 

with in you


Yes some may see this fact 

as a problem 

as one that creates further 


“its their fault !”

“if it hadn’t been for them 

this wouldn’t be  happening !”



Yet this is a choice

and one of empowerment 

for to believe ones pain 

rises in the hands and actions of another 

is a weakened state 

that will ultimately lead to illness or deep inner conflict 

seeing ones pain  as a sword or truth 

that each person may take hold of 

and slay their dragons

will lead to radiance and peace



The second kiss of love this virus brings

is the necessary coming together 

the sharing of knowledge and care 

for those afflicted and those not 

respect and wisdom

needed among all 

all people 

and all systems of healing

for each area has a perspective 

that is helpful and relevant 

to the current turmoil

and your different perspectives 

are not the obstacles of separation and conflict

they have so often been seen as

they are the chance to see the blossoming 

of humanity 

the many petals of beauty and wisdom 

that are part of the Cosmic Reality of Humanity


The third kiss of love is

how the presence of this virus

challenges trust

and inspires people to live and act in fear

yet your history

tells you 

these situations have come and gone in the past

and so does your earthly existence

so why throw 

your love and peace of mind 

out of its righteous home

deep within you ?

for something 

that simple makes more visible 

your reality

instead wouldn’t a life of love and trust 

even during adversary 

radical trust

not be more enjoyable

and soothing to your current personality 

and for the soul 

that will carry on 

past the body? 


You are in a time of deep transformation 

the Grand Butterfly

is preparing to spread her wings

once her fear of showing her beauty is done with 


Please remember this as you take action 

yes, you will get caught in fear

but as you see the mood of fear  rise or act

find your way to the doorsteps of love again and again 

this is all love asks of you

you can do this

 by accepting the natural flow of life

as a loving presence

and the seeming disasters 

as love speaking through the density of heartbreak 


There is no going back

what has been, is done

what is new, is rising 

look forward 

rather than behind you for your wisdom

as  the old paradigms 

are simply that, old paradigms 

and will not breathe the new air of joy into existence simply on their own 

yet their timeless essential teachings will always serve the highest love 

it is not that you have lost touch 

it is that something is complete !

yet the common thread 

through all pasts, presents, and futures

is Love the Cosmic Reality with so many names and faces

and this may be lived into 

with or without external structure and guidelines

love is your nature 

it does not need

to be taught once you have made 

the choice to let it shine, 

and guide you

and to choose it again and again

until no more choosing is needed 

and it simply is …..

yet as it awakens

words of wisdom

places of prayer

actions of purification 

are all helpful Beloveds