The Courage of Tenderness

Take time to notice the subtleties
of mood, of emotion, of thought
Take time to witness the tensions
of this particular time you are living in
and if you dare
for long before this time

For the tension
that were there
before this time
are the reason
you are where you are now

It takes tremendous courage
for any personality
to choose
to look that deeply
at their own dismantling……
to recognize
with complete honesty
where they feel
completely and absolutely powerless
and how and where they have covered this up
and how and where and why
they have compensated
and how these voices of compensation
speak often like great wise men and woman
so well hidden
is the wound
that it can appear
like a wise wise person

Yet it is the meek
who inherit the earth
and what does it mean to be meek Dear Ones ?
well it does not mean to be weak
it means to be tender
it means to have courage

The courage of tenderness
for in this time
there is a great resistance to acknowledging
the broken heart
and there are countless bullies
within and without
that are ready to jump
the moment you stroll
towards the tenderness
of a deeper wound

There must be a new way found
one in which the tears can flow without shame
one in which
it is revered
that the human being
not only feels physical pain
because of the extension nervous system
but mental and emotional tender heartedness

This is part of being a human

it is not to be shunned
for you are now sitting in the result
of all the shunning that has taken place
you are now sitting in the unresolved heartbreak of humanity

We say this over and over
and will say this over and over
because it requires
that much diligence
to truly, authentically
turn towards the depth of one’s heartbreak
to face it
to surrender to it
to stop the power games
that rise up from it
to stop the compensation
that births from the feeling
that there is something
bigger and stronger
that held power over you
took something away
whether was
within you or outside of you
it broke your heart

Or maybe it was something
that you did to another
in your struggle
in your own evolution
that broke your heart

Beloved Children
of the dancing stars
and blowing sands
the time has come accept
the pain
to look for it
rather than to run from it
to understand it is your teacher
once resolved
it will show you
that it truly
was a story
not a reality

Just as this mass accumulation
is a story
that you sit in now
and can be ended
by closing the book
yes this is true
this is actually
the only way
this can truly end
every other ending
will simply be a pause
and there will be another start
for until the pain
the hidden and unresolved pain
that has accumulated
from its belief in emptiness
creating a propensity in materialism
and a force of activation
for where you are now
is witnessed and realize
the story you are in
will eternally reoccur
it has no choice
it is a science

This may feel sound overwhelming
but it is reality
and when one can sit
in reality even when
it seems impossible
it will show you
that it is possible
that all that is require is for you to take the first meaningful step
no matter how deep dark the story is
it can be unwoven

The story has been woven
by time
and by light
and it can be unwoven

Where can you start?
you can start with you
trust that you are enough
trust that your own evolution
is a great gift
to add
to Humanities rising
and yes as you evolve
share it
share it with great enthusiasm
for this must be shared now
the way through our broken hearts
and the recognitions
of where it lives

The recognition
of all of the tricks
all of games
all of the desires
and hidden places
that you have created
as an off shot
of this broken heart

To have this type of recognition
is pure humility
this is the path
of one who walks
with the Divine

It is not the one
who appears lofty
yet has not tasted
their own shadow
made peace with it
and by making peace
with their own shadow
how to befriend
the shadow of others

This is where you start
with your own personal story of heartbreak
this is where you start
of all the many arms of action
that have risen
from this heart break
it takes such humility
but you will be so happy
that you have done it
for what a great great release
of tension

Can you image
how much energy
it has taken for your Soul
to hold this heartbreak in place
for so many lifetimes
can you imagine
what it will feel like on the other side?

You still may be managing it
exploring it
but no longer hold it as a shadow
to be feared
something to be run from
something to be turned into a different story
maybe a more beautiful story
maybe a hidden story
maybe a hiding story
maybe a proud story
maybe a strong story

Its time for the stories
to fall
just like all the false idols
and this is only
so that love may rise
as humanity rises
out of there collective heartbreak