Guidance for Our Churning Times

The wisdom that you are seeking
lives within the eye of the storm
and this may seem like
a strange place to reach to
but remember
the eye of the storm
is the part of the storm
that is not affected by the storm
like a placid lake
where one can sit in still mediation
and it is also the wisdom eye
the eye of knowing
and this is such an important frequency
to cultivate at this time Dear Ones

The eye of knowing is
you birthright
and Grace exists
to hand it to you
which means
to help you
remove the pieces of doubt
the angers, the fears, the judgements, the separation
that keeps you away
from true knowing

And yet one must know
the knowing of your Divine Nature
the knowing the Divine
is not for the fragile mind

For to know Love
you must be willing
to know everyplace
that its opposite lives
you must be willing
to see yourself
as a being of love and light
as a heavenly jewel
and as a human
who is carrying with them
like patches
on an old garment
the fears the doubts the angers
the feeling of powerlessness
and the desire to tell others
what and how the should be
and what they have
that is not
in line with
your sense of safety

To know love
and to look through the wisdom eye
is not about adjusting the world
so that it fits your idea
of what keeps you safe
it is about recognizing all that you see
as part of you own being
as yes you can make changes
and yes you will make changes
for change is what this storm is all about

But give your self
both experience
allow yourself
to sit in the eye of the storm
and allow yourself
to feel the winds and rains
and the fears
and the belief in loss
pounding at your skin at times
knocking at your door
compelling you
to retract again into fear
allow yourself to feel both experiences

For there is no way
to understand what is taking place right now
without experiencing both of them
and there is no way to understand
including your own
without both experiences

Yet no matter what the experience
take yourself back
to the eye of the storm

How will you know if you are there?
you will not feel compelled
to act in conflict

with others
and even with your self
this is how you will know
when you are in the eye

you will witness
you will understand
you will have compassion
and you will have love

You will have vision
for the capacity visionary experience
is much stronger than you think it is right now
and there many unseen hands
waiting to help you
awaken this part of yourself

Some may call this and Armageddon
some may call this a spiritual war
some may call this a dimensional shift
but truly nothing has changed
nothing is actually different than it was before
except for the amplification of what is
you are not coming from anywhere else than you were before
and you are not going anywhere else than you were before
but as the life patterns that were your reality before
in many case unconsciously
are stripped away
through the amplification of their presence
it feels like everything has changed
and of course everything has changed
but the Source of Creation
the Oneness, the Love
is the same
as it always was
and it always will be
it is Broad and Beautiful and Brilliant
and Yours
it is unknowable ad knowable
and it is Yours

The Eye of Wisdom is yours
The Eye of Storm is your Home
We bring you all love and blessings
and we look forward to the next time that we speak