Question “What is the source of the migraine headaches that I keep having, and how do I heal them?”

There is a flowering happening at this time dear one
a deep and mysterious flowering not like one you have witnesses in your garden before
This flower that is blossoming is exotic and somewhat out of place in its current landscape of fear and doubt
But She has a voice to be heard and She will persist in making He presence known
She will not back down this time it is Her resolution
So beware,
She says for if you keep trying to ignore Her beauty and control your rapture in Her presence
She will continue to stamp and knock with hard force causing pain and rumbling in all sorts of places inside you
And yet She is not an enemy
you have grown Her from a seed and watered Her with your very dearest desire for Freedom and Love and You have made Her strong dear one so strong
She will now not backdown and She becomes the reckoning long sought long desired and long fought for
Do you know dearest soul that every war you have fought has been for Her existence?
Soften now lovely one and let Her truth be the leader clean away all that is messy all that is unclear or ridden with doubt all that does not see your radiance
Clean and clear more than you expected and more than you ever thought you could and let this exotic Beauty drink in the light of the sun and shine the path of tomorrow in love, home and work and never look back suffering will be the result trying to over power
Her Exhalation the path of letting Her be the leader
All Love to you.