Beautiful Child

You have come a long way on your path

Struggling sometimes

sailing sometimes

dancing sometimes

Singing sometimes

Expressing and enjoying freedom

In so many ways

Like a sweet child plucking beautiful blossoms from a garden

And you have mastered this walk

Like a bird in gilded cage

Making beautiful the cage

So beautiful it is hard to see

There’s something missing

That the bird is not free to fly to the sky

Underneath the master of this bird

the jailer of the cage

Has been conducting the great drama

Of You

With a tight focus on discipline

So that even the going out of control

is a discipline action

A permission

from an idea that lives within

Deeming whether action

is good or bad

right or wrong

You have in your history

Personally and Ancestrally

some extreme fears

Of the complete and utter surrender

to an unbridled emotional state unchecked thought or action

and yet still you shine for others

And for the part of yourself

that fears deeply underneath

That all your happiness

can be taken from you

by the flick of a switch

that lives in the hands

of a world that appears

at times to act

without reason

Without sane thought, care and love

And at the same time living within you

is the rebel

the one who rebels

against the false authority

The one who stands

and takes her seat

as an instrument of truth

A demonstrator

A freedom fighter

A warrior of the heart

From the cosmic reality

That’s sprinkles it’s Stardust

and creates a human being

paradoxical experience is also created

For you also live

in the fear of wrongdoing

the dread of making that mistake

and the dread of the consequence

This part of you

has created

An authority,

a concept

Sometimes it is a person

at times it is a culture

at times it is a teaching

it changes its face

Yet its mission is always the same

to lord over the throne

that is naturally yours

and to convince you

To be frightened

of a deeper expression

of a truth

Please notice here the word truth

A truth that may be rising in you

in any given moment

There are indeed truths

and there is The Truth

and it is the delightful creation

of the awakened human

To dare to find a balance

between these two

A loving audience for your many stories

That strikes a balance

And in which one does not lord

over the other

And that invites

liberation love and compassion

To stand with them

Yes you are right

What you are feeling is anger

is fear

even closer to terror

That has been pushed down

for such a very long time

peeping Her head up occasionally

with enough strength

to convince you

you are not safe

If you feel these states

in fact

To convince you

that to feel safe

requires an

otherworldly intervention

which you cannot call to you

because within this fear

This terror

This rage

also lives a belief

that you do not deserve

to live fully

in the love you are

But still you can do one thing at this time

change your perspective

Towards what is being drawn to your surface

for now circumstances around you

have created a crucible

that is not letting go

And truly there is nowhere else

on your whole planet

where you can run to

That is not also in the crucible

And darling child

This rising terror

And the dragon

That stands at its castles door

is something

you could celebrate

rather than fear

for it is now on your surface

Rather than travelling along

In the underground currents

Of your story

now it rises

To breathe

And to unlock

The caged Beauty

It has held

As it’s hostage

For so long

within the constructs of the Your human mind

And free the beautiful child

Without needing


from the great unseen authority

To simply express her experience

and never doubt

that all will resolve itself

once again into love

You stand at a door way of love

where a Radiant

dance and song of beauty and joy

That is unpreventable

by the flick of a switch

or by the unconscious confusions

of human existence

and this pain you speak of

Is the fabric for your next creation

and yet only if it can be received

with love

without judgement

and without permission

so now we suggest to you

each time this disturbance kicks out rather than sharing

it rather than judging it

rather than trying to do anything with it simply celebrated

this will take the keys of your prison door out of the hands of your Jailor

and into the hands

of you the person who can

release herself

from the Gilded cage of beauty

and false safety

to the throne of ravishing beauty

love and freedom