Guidance for Our Churning Times

There is a time and place
for all expressions
there is a time and place
for all walking
all paths
all realities
and there is a time and place
for choice
and the choice
is not a simple choice
but it is a Soul Choice
to discover what  time and place you are living in
and what  time and place you wish to live in
for all realities are welcome

Where you stand now
there is a invitation
an invitation to love
an invitation to hope
an invitation to know
that the weaving and spinning
that is taking place
is creating  a golden mantel
that will be placed over
the  entire reality
of each and every being

Yet to enjoy
this beautiful golden mantel
you must choose it
just as if you were shopping in a store
if you want to take something home to enjoy
you must take it with you
you must select it
buy it and bring it home

So the invitation is
no matter what
the difficulties are
that have risen
and will rise
the invitation is
to choose love

No matter what change needs to take place
on the inside or the outside
to do it in the name of Love
to do it in the name of Oneness
not out of anger
not out of separation
not out of fear

There will come  a time
when you will know
there has never been another
and every path
and every story
that has been walked
is your story too

It is a simple and loving truth
that as one goes
we all go
and freedom
stands closer to you right now
than your own breath
even though it may seem like
it has never been further away

You are invited
to choose these
sacred gifts
of love
for your own beautiful self
you are invited
you are invited