Guidance for Our Churning Times

The path of love
is not about
how much you are loved
it is about
how much you can love,
how much you do love.

Take my hand
let’s walk forward
not step backwards
into fear into separation,
blame and shame
These ways are no longer of our time

This time is
a rare extraordinary moment
with profound suffering
and great awakening
Each disturbance
like the grains of sand
creating our human pearl.

Each difficulty
that rises right now
has one primary solution
and that is
and we must reach
With radical self love
and courage
to cast away
the shadows of separation
and see our struggles
and our elevations
in each other

The details of change needed
will work itself out,
when the foundation is built
in a strong and loving way.

Please let your pain rise yes !
do not suppress
but see her as part
of a human experience of struggle
Rather than a power struggle
With humanity

There is no human
that has not been
the victim of persecution
or who has not been
the persecutor
in some experience of life
There is no human
that has not tasted their false power
and used it
over a person or situation
There is no human
that has not been fearful of someone that appears
separate, foreign, or threatening to them

Let’s take hands
and walk forward through this ….
who have chosen
to recognize their inner brutality,
pain and suffering,
to heal and have compassion
for each other.

No we won’t all be able
to step forward at the same time
it is not the way
Creation has designed us…
but those who are privileged enough
to see a higher view
Those true privilege souls
Find your courage
take your step
forward rather than backwards
Why waste
hundreds of thousands of lives
that have been sacrificed to this point
In this great earth change
by deepening separation
with blame and shame
Lets Honour them
by embracing
the Path of Love !

With Love !