Guidance for Our Churning Times

The sharing between
Heaven and Earth
is eminent
and the true medicine

For they need each
the are born for each other
each one completes the other

The Heavens
gives you the overview
to let go of
of the illusion you think
is you
and your Heavenly being
needs its feet in the mud
of your Earthly self
to experience how it has become
the many
and when the many
can be recognized consciously
then The One is revealed

There is a great storm
of Consciousness and Love brewing
and yes like every storm
the winds will blow
things will be knocked over
landscapes will be changed………
yet understand
that which is changed is
you no longer need
it no longer serves you

Be like the child
who stands in the thunder storm
so happy
feeling the incredible
energy in the air
the rain, the wind, the electricity
and maybe even will build a little fort
in which to play until the storm is done
while the big
very big loud sounds are all around them

Be like the child
allow yourself to play
in this storm
allow your self to play
in this storm
It is the way

The time of the heavy mind
is lifting
learn to play in every storm
for every storm
is a natural expression
a modified piece
of the love you are
of the light that resides in your heart
that cannot be put out by
any wind
any storm
any rain
and most of all Dear Friends by any fear