Guidance for Our Churning Times

This is a time of softening Dear Ones
and the softness has been calling you
since the beginning of this Great Change
and yet it is a very hard place to go
which might seem as a contradiction
to the word soft

The soft place we speak of
is absolutely
and protected
by something that is very hard
and many are struggling
to find their way there

Your stories present like this
you begin your path of softening
and you encounter something along the way
a chapter from the story of hardness thats protects your softness
and it feels like a thorn
gets stuck in your foot
and that piercing pain
sends you out walking in another direction
speaking a voice of in justice
speaking a voice of wounding
speaking about the story
rather than truly feeling it

At this time of the cathartic collective consciousness
you must understand
that the resistances that you feel to love
are not purely your own
the grievances you feel
about life
and the way you have interacted with it
are not purely your own
and also Dear Ones
you will discover
when you do find your surrender to love
even in the face of all the dismantling
even in the face of al the upheaval
even in the face of all of the toxicity
that rises from the purification

You will discover
When you find your surrender to love
you will also find
it is not purely your own

This is a moment
of wonder
a moment of truth
a moment of remembering
and a moment of looking back and saying
wow I can’t believe I was doing all of that
when this is actually
where I wanted to be the whole time!

Yet it is hard to get there
there is a hard shell
around this heartbreak
this very guarded heartbreak

But do not be the fool
who thinks
oh that is somebody else
who is being spoken about
not me
I don’t have this
I have healed all of that

Don’t be the fool
be the wise woman
and the wise man
and says
where can my hidden heartbreak be ?
can I admit that it is there
in my irritation
with this person
with that action
with my own deeds
with my own impatience
with my own fear….
even my fear of death
is an expression
of my own heartbreak
for if I felt
perfectly loved
death would feel
like a natural part
of my evolution
natural and going to happen
and just as Holy
as my Birth
and every other
stage of my life
nothing to be terrified about
nothing more than other any step forward

Is it tragic
when a child
starts to walk?
when a girl starts her moon cycle?
when a boy becomes a man?
Death is the same
it is a natural progression

Fear of life is a conditioning of unresolved pain
and its hard shell must be felt
for Love to Rise

To assist in its softening
listen to the Birds
just listen to the Birds
listen to them sing
just listen
just listen
just listen
to their beautiful
God like song
it will soften
you hearing
your ears
you heart
until the longing of the heart to hear Beauty
above all other voices
will rise
and you will melt
into your heartbreak
and through it
to the hidden place of Love
that welcomes you at this time
and is so deeply needed
to guide your steps

As you meet
our own heartbreak
your grievances with others
will soften and drop away
you will have new eyes
you will see them
in their own heartbreak
you will wish them
nothing but to find their way
to hear
the Song of the birds
and to trust the surrender to Love
in the face
of what feel like
a war zone at times
to trust the tenderness of Love
even in what appears to be
a battle

This is the Awakened Human Being
the Sleeping Human Being goes to battle
the Awakened One
a deepened place of Love
from the battle
that rises from within
from the thrashing
from the spears being thrown
from the provocations
the Awakened Human Being rises
through the discomfort
through the distaste
through the excruciating pain
of the activities of the Sleeping Human Being
who can do nothing but continue
to write their story of heartbreak
and wage battle
with this person
with this place
over hear
over there
in the past
in the future
in the present

Listen to the Song of the Birds
and all will be Love