Question: “What is the next step on my path”?”

Never has there been a time dear one like that which stands before you now
where the deep pain of waiting and the resentments from feeling unacknowledged have their chance to become a past self
one that you will look upon fondly and value her struggle but you will not long for her imprisonment any longer
And you will begin to taste a new freedom one that has felt unheard of to the one you have called yourself so unheard of that it could be seen as ungodly
Yet we as your companions in the light are here to tell you that when this allowing of the healing of shadow takes place you will have never been more in alignment with Creation
And we will tell you something else dear friend the search is false for that which you are looking for is with you right now it is not in a Heaven or at the end of a series of challenges that have made you pure enough to taste the Holy Wine but it is with you right now and a great part of your healing is to leave behind the stories of separation due to some sense of inadequacy and
enter the Kingdom in this very moment allowing the rapture to take you and the agenda for how this is meant to reveal to be burnt in the fire of wisdom
for these guidelines are for those who fear the potency of the moment this is why so many take hold of them for so many fear the potency of the rapturous presence that is their very nature
Think of how much time you have spent trying to be ready for this rapture to reveal and how much time you have spent fixing yourselves and others for the great revealing
And now you have graduated and the looking and preparing are no longer needed and that great force of energy can now be focused on the acceptance of the rapturous moment the waiting time is completing it self and the wondrous time is gently dawning
How much joy there will be for you dear one when your vision allows you to see each one including your self as the Divine Presence the Christ himself yes the Christ himself,
as each being you encounter you will discover you have been sitting, talking, eating, loving …..
with him always there has never really been anyone else and the great tension being held in the other version of who you are will drop away for it’s real root has been the trying to find your way to a place of value enough to meet the Beloved
We are here to tell you the Beloved has no requirements to be met they are man made in fact there can be no escape from your very Source and as this fear of surrendering to the potency you are lets go you will find all places of power that call you in
As an easy step to take rather than one with fear for you will see clearly you are stepping no where no where but where you already are in the arms of Beloved Creation
All Love and Blessings to you for this Sacred transformation of Self