Guidance for Our Churning Times

When winds blow with a mighty force
you batten down that which could be lost
and find shelter,  that can not be disturbed by the winds

Dear children of the Earth
the winds are blowing
and they are blowing you
Stirring  and Churning
your Great Doubt

Your doubt that Love is Real
and All you Need
yet  there is no where else to hold on to, but love
all else will flow through your grasping hands
sooner or later

It may sound simple
and for some out of reach
for the heartbreak is too great
for the trusting of love at this time

But, for those who can
it is a mighty force!
the kind that can move mountains
This is True
for Love is Your very Essence
the Very Essence of the Universe
and when unbound
it has no end
and it cannot be emptied

All conflicts
All pain
All blame
All names
Must in time resolve themselves in Love

The Great Mother when
She raises Her sword
never for one minute
believes there is a flaw with Her child

She is liberating them
from  limitation
to a greater knowing of Love

Be clear of your motives
as you step into action and change
for any prisons created for another
you will find yourself sitting there waiting for them
for they have choice
about whether to believe
the judgments offered
but you have already
made yours

When the moon is new, so are you
if you want to be
you can step through
this dark doorway and create
invite Love to be your Teacher
your Guide, your Beloved
your Safe  place, that cannot be blown by the Wind

What is love
you may ask
again and again and again
love is ONE
love is ONE
love is ONE
meditate on these simple words
and they will break your heart
again and again and again
until there is no heart
that is only yours
then you will know what Love is

With Love !
Ananda Xenia Shakti