There is a dawning of joy
that is on the horizon
of your experience
at this time Dear Ones
and it is a Teacher and a Teaching
Blessed and Bles-sed
Loving and it is Love itself

It rolls like the waves
on a great ocean
and this ocean
is the ocean of your consciousness
as a collective
and you will notice that is will begin to light
the candles in the minds of many of you
and as each candle is lite
it has the opportunity
to light another
that is not yet lite
for please know
that you are headed to joy
there is a natural law
of contraction and expansion
of inertia and energy and balance

You have lived the inertia
the unconscious actions
of the heartbreak of humanity
you are living the activity
the virus the fear the anxieties
and you will also live the balance
the remembering of Love
and this is not going back
to where you were before this took place
not that kind of love
this is an innate remembering
of the deeper expression of Self
and be sure that
as the joy rolls like waves
through the consciousness
there will be a sense of wonder
that has yet to be to felt
in such a broad global way
that will also feel like a type of pause
but a different type of pause
and it will also offer you new reflection
of the pause you are in right now
you will start to see it more for what it really is
and this pause will birth forward new seeds of potential
ideas and movements
creative endeavours
and collective endeavours

So for now every time your mind tells l you
to believe in a story of hopelessness
of something lost…….
Yes something is done
but not lost
you are experiencing
your greater birth
as we have been communicating to you
for some time now

In the face of your fears
remember this truth
and delight in it
and kindle your delight
for it will serve you
in ways that you do not yet have
the consciousness to understand
but that are truly
part of the wonder of Reality