This time that we are in
is not about the darkness
this is one of the
biggest misperception
this time that we are in
is about the light
and it is the light
that squeezing
what appears to be
darkness to the surface
but it is not actually
darkness that we are perceiving
as much as it is
the tensions
the stresses
of humanity
and so you are asked at this time dear ones
more than ever before
to begin to learn
how to truly relax
to take to the opportunity
when you are contained
in a smaller space
with less obligation
less duty
to find a place to soften
to relax
to let go of the doer ship
to let go of the fear
and the anxieties

It is understandable
when the planet is in crisis
to feel these different
moods and states
move through you
yet make no mistake
what is being called from you
is the unwinding
of the many
centuries and centuries
of emotional burden
so yes
there is need for catharsis
for meeting, for facing oneself
and yes even more so
there is a need for reaching
for aspects of oneself
that are beyond those states of limitation
those states of trauma
and remembering
the joy and the beauty
and reuniting with them
but actually
in a brand new way
for your connection
to it in the past
has been one
one of the follower
in some cultures more than others
yet affecting all cultures

An example of this might be
somebody a famous person
does something that appears
joyful or happy
and everybody wants to imitate this
and there are cultural conditioning
about what will make us happy
and when to be happy
this events taking place
and your joy is found here
this gathering is taking place
and your joy is found here
you are conditioned to looking for places to find your joy that are preordained
and yes you have met this bliss before
but this bliss you are stepping into now
is different
for it is independent
it is joy in the face
of tremendous crisis
without being cut off
without being insensitive or unkind

It is taking a hold
of your birth right bliss
no longer transitory
or connected to something
from the outside
yes, we remind each other from the outside
but ultimately it is rising from the inside

Please know
there are unseen hands with you at all times
desiring to help you find this new love
take this mood into your day
and to share it freely
with all you meet
this is not a disrespect
of the struggles
this is a teaching
of what is eternal
and its profound importance
in every persons
day to day
experience of life