It is time to allow the heart to burn
to burn with the fire of passion
to digest
all the old habits
that are part
of the holding back
that have been
part of the habits
of the nature of Humanity

It is time for the heart to burn
to burn with a passion
that is even beyond
what we know love is
a passion
that ignites
the greater
Cosmic Truth
and this may seem
like a strange impression
for is not the Cosmic Truth
already lit ?

And yes it is
and yet
we need to
as human beings
light it within
our own human hearts

Vision in your heart
a burning fire
it will feel uncomfortable at first
a heat
a sharpness
that perhaps
you do not feel
is in alignment
with the frequency
of the heart

But trust dear friends
there is a process
taking place
there are
aspects of consciousness
that are ready
to become
the ashes and the smoke
and once the fire is complete
the coolness and sweetness
of the drops of nectar
will never have tasted
more perfectly aligned
with the world
that you wish to live in
as long as these drops of nectar
are placed on top
of something
that is old and stagnant
it will
effect the drops
just as if you put
a beautiful flower
onto a pile of garbage
and soon they both become garbage

Let the fire of the heart burn
and trust its Beauty
for it is a beautiful fire
it is the fire of sacrifice
love as sacrifice
which is true love
for true love creates One
and that which separates itself
is sacrificed in its glorious flames

This is part
of the new understanding
of what love really is
that is waking
from deep within
the collective
and spiritual soul