Only Love is Real recognizes and honours the Divinity in each personality and supports Personal Spiritual Awakening as the means to Planetary Healing by merging Eastern and Western Sacred Teachings and Art Forms, to transform patterns of Separation and Fear into Love and Universality.



My life has been dedicated to discovering how to become Bliss to live in authentic service and devotion to the Divine and to know without a doubt Only Love Is Real. My great delight is to share my experience of awakening with others who are aspiring to know Love. I have had the immense honour of receiving spiritual initiations and blessings by many great masters in the Americas and in my Beloved India. I am a devotee of the Divine Feminine, Goddess, or Shakti principle and it is in Her service and inspiration that I act.

I have been leading, Sananda yoga teacher training courses since 2004 in Toronto and abroad. I also teach a specialized form of yoga called Kriya Prayer Flows, which open the body/mind to moods or states that are the foundational pillars of spiritual awakening. Devotion, Faith and Inspiration. The flows are named Bhakti Shakti, Shraddha Shakti, and Divya Shakti.

I am an intuitive healer and since 2003 I have specialized in assisting clients to embrace their full potential by identifying and releasing obstructing, fear based, karmic patterns, through Art of Life Karmic Readings. The intuitive readings connecting to higher realms energies, release what is dense, stuck and old from your life. It is truly a life changing experience.. Training as a practitioner in this modality is also offered once a year LIVE online.

I lead spiritual retreats and tours to choice destinations in the world, for example The Sublime Shakti Tours to India, which are an absolute delight ! A journey through India to the most potent Goddess Temples while learning yoga, meditation and chanting along the way.

I have a history in the music scene and L*O*V*E* POWER is the name of my current band. We play interactive music and kirtan. Merging East and West, Bliss and Dance, Performer and Audience. We believe Music and the Power of Love can turn this world around.