This sessions Ask Ananda Submission is a question about relationships, letting go, and finding Eternal Love
Hope it brings you some guidance.
Its called Beautiful Dreamer !!

A Woman Asks

I have a question for Ask Ananda… it is in regards to entanglement, especially with a potential love partner or existing love partner. I’ve found myself going back and forth with this certain person (over past 1.5 years) … he has honestly told me and also shown me that he is unavailable (in the way I truly desire) but our connection feels deep and intense and I’m having a difficult time untangling myself from this person and truly letting him go. I want to fall in love with ME, show myself respect, live in integrity with me, and experience deep connection within … and I know that no outside source can provide this but I find myself lost in confusion and illusion at times.

Beautiful Dreamer

When loves thorns

are stronger

than its tender arms

it is simply time to move on

and this teaching

is a lesson

a learning

that every dreaming soul

will encounter

for the act of dreaming itself

not only can take one

to the moon

and back

but can also projects itself

onto many life experiences


those of the heart

for it is truly

the heart

the personality heart

that dreams

and it will do so

until the wisdom eye

comforts its tender friend the heart

by seeing the greatest love story ever

as its dream come true

For you Beloved Soul

the entanglement

stems from

unfinished pieces

between the two of you

and from a powerful  dream of union

you hold close to you bosom

and so the drama unfolds

acting the roles

of lovers

with so many stories

weaving in and out

of each stroke

each kiss

each breath

a scene so rich

in the truth

of being a human being

no staged act

could ever recreate it

for as it is with all humans

they cannot be defined

by space and time

except for in a temporary moment

of perception

so these you see these stories

can and do exist for ever

there is not really a ending place for them

which is what people look for

when trying to find healing

in truth there is a choosing

these stories  are no longer mine

that changes the face of reality

for ever

And the dreams you hold

are met and teased by

these precious moments

and this has happened before

in life times gone by

and so has the dynamic

of one wishing to forge forward with romance

and the other unable to follow his romantic dream

To unwind your self

from the entanglement

is to fully accept

not his words

for they are rich with the double meaning

of his turning away from freedom

but to accept your own perception

to see him clearly

through you own eyes

as one who is not wanting

the dream you want

at this time

then the release

will come in an effortless way

and your Beautiful Dreamer

will become you again

and it will lie in the  arms of joy and rapture

rather than the arms of scattered dreams

This is the reclaiming of the love of self

the Cosmic Self and the Personality  Self

for both are necessary

on the path of these times

of integration between

the Secular and the Divine

You have been conditioned

by past spiritual imprints

for service to be servitude

and this fragrance of love

has perfumed  your current situation

making it very difficult

for you to make your clear choice

to reclaim your beautiful dreams

and make them your life story

rather than hold them in service for another

in which you are once again

in servitude of love

rather than fully being the lover

the magnitude of this pattern

is something to deeply consider

as you walk your way

home to your dreams

being your own

The hiding power

of incarnation

is a power of presence

of individuation

and of truly trusting

that is it two wholes

coming together

that can created nothing but a whole

where as two halves

create two halves

coming together

not a whole

but two halves merged

can you feel the difference?

Your dream wants to feel loved

to feel complete

to feel wanted fully wanted

and so like the child

on one side of the bakery window

you look through

hoping the sweets inside

will fulfill the sweet tooth

and yes it is a delightful feeling at times

but also never really serves

the desire for fulfillment

so now become the baker, why not ?

and watch and see

which types  are drawn to that honey

and if you feel they have wholeness to share

for we promise you

it will be a who new type of person

for the cycle of scattered dreams will be complete


Offering you such deep Blessings,  Love and Respect for your journey

With Love !