Today my heart was blessed 🙏

I was at a temple in India  and there is priest there who I see often and is kind of cranky and gruff. I held some judgment towards him and even like a kind of sense of disappointment thinking well if he is a priest here maybe this whole path doesn’t work …… So in my disturbance I decided to pray and I asked Radharani please tell me why this man is here ? and what I heard was this. When you see with your heart instead of your mind you will see who he really is and who you are. The mind will always see something is wrong and you will feel disturbed.
If look with your heart you will always see the love in the person, you will see their challenge and the beauty and courage of their struggle.
As this message was coming though my heart started to be filled with energy and indeed I did see everything and everybody differently. Especially this priest as he was the focus of my attention . He became a completely different person right before my eyes , truly like magic
Never settle dear friends for the critical mind, give your heart eyes and the courage to see .
Yes we are an endless living human crucible of ‘mistakes ‘. But remember for every moment of clarity there is a mistaken moment that inspired the clear vision ….. they walk hand in hand … in the Divine Romance
And If that wasn’t enough I went on to another temple where a group of men were singing Kirtan so beautifully and I got invited to lead the Kirtan . I was shy at first I didn’t want to because the Kirtan I knew for the Deity there singing to was complicated and I didn’t think they would know it but I gave it a try and indeed they couldn’t pick it up …. but what they did was wonderful. They just changed it a more simple one and handed the lead over to me . It was so delightful …. So much celebration !

One of the many things I love about India is that you can walk around singing and nobody thinks your crazy in fact they most likely will join in 💕🙏💕