Radical Radiant Evolution

 Leave Behind Old Karmic Imprints

Practice Yoga and Transformational Movement 

Be inspired and healed by Divine Feminine Practices 

Pilgrimages to Sacred Goddess Locations 

Dare  to live a life of Joy, Meaning and Fulfillment!

At onlyloveisreal.love we support this choice!

The Divine Feminine, Inspiring Retreats, Music


Yogini, Gifted Intuitive Healer offering  Innovative Karmic Readings, International Yoga Trainer, Devotional Singer and Poet, Classical Dancer, Recording Artist, Creator of the ‘She Dress’  at ‘i am Love’ Designs 

My life has been dedicated to discovering how to become Bliss and live in authentic service and devotion to the Divine. I offer intuitive readings, healing, poetry, song dance and yoga.  My great delight is to share my experience of awakening with others who are aspiring to know Love. I have had the immense honour of receiving spiritual initiations and blessings by many great masters in the Americas and in my Beloved India. I am a devotee of Devi the Divine Feminine, Goddess, or Shakti principle and it is in Her service and inspiration that I act.


Sananda Yoga integrates traditional practices with modern sensibility, it is a comprehensive form of classical yoga, focusing on yogic practice as a vehicle for the transformation of consciousness. Sananda yoga will support you to embrace a deeper life purpose and move with life’s experiences, as a path of spiritual transformation.

Kriya Prayer Flows  and The Feminine Art of Yoga are a specialized form of yoga being offered by Sananda, that encourage introspection and bring together movement, mantra, mudra, bandha, pranayama, meditation, relaxation and philosophy into one complete session for body, mind and spirit opening the practitioner to moods or states that are the foundational pillars of spiritual awakening.The purpose of  Yoga is to free souls entangled on earth by the power of Divine Love and to reunite souls with the Source of Creation.


Join Ananda and go on amazing sacred tours to India, Brazil and other heavenly locations.


Enjoy training programs in Sananda Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Choose Love Karmic Readings  and the Goddess Project.


Get a Karmic Reading or Ayurveda Yoga & Lifestyle Consultations.


  You are a living  Story  that keep cycling through karmic patterns and away from your Soul’s Purpose in life. Choose Love Karmic Readings are a innovative look into the akashic records of your souls history, revealing the root cause of the karmic disturbances  in your life.  Choose Love Karmic Readings  initiate cellular healing that will create lasting positive changes in your life.    The Core Story Reading  process will support you to find a new potency  and change the path of your life  to fulfillment and love.

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